Commissary Curbside Shopping Info

Robinson Barracks Commissary

How it works

If an individual or family cannot shop for themselves at the Commissary during COVID-19 conditions, they can request a volunteer shopper. The shopper will shop for them and deliver their items to their car.

This service is available at the Robinson and Patch Barracks Commissaries.

It is intended for high-risk individuals, single caretakers, and others with difficulty shopping for themselves and their families. Those who need assistance can sign up for a time slot on any of the days the commissary is open. Once completed, they will upload the shopping list when they have signed up for a time slot. Shopping is done by volunteer shoppers and payment is made by phone to a Commissary cashier using a credit card.

CUSTOMERS: After reviewing the program ordering instructions below, click here to choose an available timeslot. You will need to provide your shopping list when signing up. Please note that services are based on availability of volunteers; if there are no timeslots open, please check back later.

VOLUNTEERS: Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to begin serving this program.

If the requestor is unable to access the sign-up link, they can email the Volunteer Coordinator directly.

Shopping List Forms

Shopping List (Word document)

Shopping List (PDF)