Escorted visitor pass now available at Patch Barracks

IACS visitor pass

Courtesy of USAG Stuttgart Installation Access Control

All visitors can receive an Installation Access Control (IACS) paper visitor pass when they visit a Stuttgart installation. They have been available  in the past at the Panzer Kaserne main gate and Kelley Barracks main gate, but are now available at Patch Barracks main gate.

The Visitor Pass allows escorted access for up to three days within the garrison’s footprint.

This paper pass requires that the visitor be accompanied by their sponsor at all times.  The new visitor passes provide the convenience of having the guard scan the pass like a DoD ID.

Sponsors are required to physically escort their visitors while on post and are still limited to no more than four individuals at a time.  The new Visitor Passes expire at midnight of the period they are granted access and sponsors do not have to sign-out their visitors.  The Visitor Pass will expire automatically and can be disposed of by the visitor or sponsor after expiration.