Storm warning issued from Thursday into Friday

Graphic by Deutsche Wetterdienst/DWD

USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

The German Weather Service (Deutsche Wetterdienst/DWD) has issued a severe weather warning for most of Baden-Württemberg, including Stuttgart, Tübingen, and surrounding communities, valid for 24 hours from 6 p.m., Thursday, May 16.
Thunderstorms with “heavy, continuous rain” are expected to pass through from Thursday evening into Friday afternoon, with the amount of projected rainfall likely to cause dangerous conditions in parts of the region.
The official advice includes the following:
➢ Avoid flooded and vulnerable areas, such as underpasses.
➢ Adapt behavior on the roads; plan for obstructions on traffic routes.
➢ If necessary, take preventative flood protection measures.
➢ If flooding is imminent/existing, leave basements immediately.
Please follow the usual severe weather precautions: exercise caution when driving, especially in places where water may accumulate, and engage with your supervisor/chain of command if you have concerns about local conditions impacting your commute.