Road construction update for Robinson Barracks

By Earnest Epps
Installation Coordinator
Directorate of Public Works, Robinson Barracks

On Nov. 28–29, depending on the weather, the road contractor plans to lay the first layer of asphalt work at the commissary intersection. Due to the weight and turning ratio into the other lane, the bus and large. Trucks will not be able to drive to and from the commissary area; only cars and pickup trucks. A temporary bus stop will be placed on the main road of Heidloch Strasse. 

Around Dec.3, a temporary sidewalk is scheduled to be placed along the same road construction area of Heidloch Str. Please take extra caution in walking this area. The temporary sidewalk is scheduled to last about 10 days. 

Please keep in mind all RB construction projects are temporary. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding