POV Inspection Station Closed June 1st 2020

The Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Inspection Station on Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2930 and the Customer Service Team (CST) in Bldg. 3320 are closed on 1 Jun 2020 because of the German Holiday.

Photo courtesy 569th USFSPS Ramstein.af.mil

All CAC holders can make an appointment for a Privately Owned Vehicle inspection online. Customers should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their appointment time and bring a copy of their appointment confirmation. Customers who are not available at the time of their appointment will lose their appointment and a customer on the stand-by list will be seen. As a courtesy to other customers, please cancel your appointment if you are not able to attend at your scheduled appointment time.

 Vehicle Inspection Online Appointment