Pandemic exercise coming in October

A pandemic influenza infectious disease exercise will take place at three locations within the Stuttgart community, Oct. 1–4.  The goal of the exercise is to safely and efficiently vaccinate 90 percent or more of the available local active duty service members within a 120 hour window.

The U.S Army Health Clinic Stuttgart on Patch Barracks will conduct its annual pandemic influenza infectious disease vaccination exercise, Oct. 1– 4, for assigned service members. The exercise simultaneously helps the Army prepare for a pandemic event while inoculating military personal with the annual flu shot.

Vaccination locations will be at the Panzer Fitness Centers and the Patch and Kelley theaters. Vaccinations during the exercise are for military personnel only; civilian personnel will be vaccinated at a later date.

Note, as of Sept. 7, the location for the Patch vaccinations was changed to the theater. It was previously scheduled to take place at the Patch Fitness Center. The change took place after the location was published in the “News Briefs” section of the September 2018 issue of The Stuttgart Citizen.