Nov. 1 is local holiday (All Saints’ Day)

Reminder graphic by USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs
Nov. 1 is All Saints’ Day, a public holiday in Baden-Württemberg.
This means:
  • Some services around the garrison staffed largely by local national professionals will be closed, including: the Army Housing Office, Driver Testing Office, and Vehicle (POV) Inspection/Customer Service Team. Vehicle Registration will be serving appointments only, with no walk-in service.
  • If you’re not sure whether a service will be open, check their page on the garrison website If an office closes or adjusts availability on German holidays, this will be noted in the sidebar near the hours of operation. For further questions, please contact the service directly.
  • Assume that most places on the economy which are usually closed on Sundays will also be closed on the holiday. This includes grocery and retail stores (Commissaries and Exchange-operated facilities will be operating with normal hours).