L.E.A.D. seminar to be held Feb. 22

A “Leadership, Equality and Diversity” seminar offers experiences worth sharing.

L.E.A.D. is a unique opportunity to say what is not being said and what is being said in an open forum.  The seminar merges both into plain communication and continues on the path of joint cohesive leadership through diversity, and increase our understanding of how to make our unique differences a tool for success and not an excuse for failure.

Open discussion with panelists
#1 Plain Talks – “Working in a Joint Atmosphere”

• The unique opportunity to work with United States military branches, federal
civilians, contractors and with our NATO partner countries.
• Fusing communications into one concise voice.
• Staying the Joint path as a fight force to complete the mission.

#2 Plain Talks – “Mentoring in a Joint Environment”

• Guiding of career paths across the military and civilian sectors.
• Conforming leadership styles to the joint environment.
• Understanding and combining joint talents.
• Using down time wisely.

#3 Plain Talks – “Home Work Life Balance”

• Differences and similarities of home work balance between married and single
joint members.
• The importance of making plans to ensure time is well spent.
• Work balance, and ideas to continue your career progression.
• Work life balance and how to integrate one with the other.

#4 Plain Talk – “Communications Through the Generations”

• Noting our differences through the generations, but also our cycle of
similarities and repetitions through the generations.
• Language differences and how to circumvent the differences.
• Making our differences our strengths.
• The importance of having generational knowledge and how it strengthens our
mission as a fighting force.

Let’s not allowing our differences in service, tradition and processes to divide us, but strengthen our knowledge and understanding. Call 593-6038 or 0964-170-593-6038 for more information.