Kelley construction projects updated

The construction work about to continue on Kelley Barracks is part of the sewer line upgrades and repairs. Photo by Kevin S. Abel, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

Public Affairs
USAG Stuttgart

UPDATE, March 8, 2019: According to the USAG Stuttgart Directorate of Public Works, Engineering Division, construction work on Ash Street around the Kelley Commissary and Bldg. 3317 continues, with the road and parking spaces blocked beginning March 19

UPDATE, March 1, 2019: 

The  said there will be a partial road and parking space blockage at Ash Streetd due the sewer repair work.

The work around the Kelley Commissary, and the Post Office and  mail room (buildings 3316 and 3317) will begin on March 13 and should end on April 9 as planned. Pedestrians are asked to follow the signs around the working area. The bus stop near the commissary will be relocated to in front of Bldg. 3318 during the work.


The USAG Stuttgart Directorate of Public Works announces the pedestrian connecting passageway at Bldg. 3320, Kelley Barracks, will be blocked for three days, March 6-8.  The blockage is due to an ongoing construction project. The DPW shops and the parking spaces of Bldg. 3320 won’t be effected during this time; the parking area is always accessible.

The contractor will post signage.