Kelley Barracks Sewer Project Update

Phases of construction continue for the Kelley Sewer repair project. Updates provided by the Directorate of Public Works.

UPDATE Dec. 27, 2018

Kelley Sewer
This project is 70 percent complete. Ashstrasse was open to traffic on Dec. 22 and will remain open until Jan. 6, after which it will close again On Jan. 7.  The work in front of the Child Development Center and buildings 3306 and 3307 area is complete.  The German Kantine parking area has reopened. Currently, the working the area is next to shoppette.  Work required on Oakstrasse in front of flagpole area is tentatively scheduled for February.

Update: June 7 

Beginning June 15, the duty bus stops will only operate at designed bus stops at Ash Strasse drop-off, starting/ending near Bldg. 3317/3318, and with a detour from Ash Strasse through the large parking lot and Pine Strasse in front of Bldg. 3315 two-way traffic. The pedestrian walk ways are guaranteed.

•June 15 (Friday) – Access to Vesta Strasse will be from Pine Strasse only (no traffic via Spruce St). Spruce Strasse will be closed between the Shoppette and Vesta St (no car wash and no parking on Spruce). There will be no pick-up for CDC (Bldg. 3368)/SAS (Bldg. 3369) from Spruce St (reserved pick-up parking behind Bldg. 3344); enter from the hotel parking lot and there will be no parking in front of Bldg. 3344. Spruce and Maple Strasse will be closed starting 7 a.m.  Pine Street (in front of Bldg. 3315 parking space) will be blocked and the road will be two-way traffic. Access to shoppette will be until 2 p.m.
•June 16 (Saturday) – Work continues on Spruce Strasse. On Maple Strasse, parking and access will be closed until 7 a.m., June 20, behind buildings 3304, 3305, 3306, 3307 and 3308.
•June 17 (Sunday) – “No noise” work, only reopening and blocking a road and parking spaces. Access to Spruce Strasse and the shoppette reopens at 8:30 a.m.  Pine Strasse parking spaces will be blocked around the dog run at 8:30.
•June 18 (Monday) – The parking situation may be difficult, possibly losing many parking spaces. Work continues with asphalt work at Maple Strasse; parking and access behind buildings 3304, 3305, 3306, 3307 and 3308 will still be closed until 7 a.m. on June 19.
•June 19 (Tuesday) – Maple Strasse parking and access reopens 0700 behind buildings: 3304, 3305, 3306, 3307 and 3308
• June 20 (Wednesday) – Pine Strasse parking spaces will reopened around the dog run, parking spaces will reopen in front of Bldg. 3315 and the road will be one-way traffic starting at 7 a.m. There will be also be some various road detours and closures. Please monitor the traffic signage as you enter and drive on Kelley Bks.

Update April 2: Kelley Barracks, Vesta Strasse and Kelley Hotel residents are advised that the exit only turnstile will be out of use from April 9-27. Maple Strasse to Spruce Strasse will also be closd to traffic.

Past updates: _________________________________________

Update March 14-21:

Spruce Str. from Oak Str. to Vesta Str. will be closed for Asphalt placement Mar. 15-16. There will be no access to the Kelley Fuel Station, however, the Shoppette will remain open. Alternate pick-up/drop-off is reserved fro the Child Development Centers and the Duty Bus stop will be moved. Access to Vesta Str. will be from Pine Str. Access to Ash Str. will be thru the Bldg. 3322 parking lot.

Maple Strasse from Spruce Strasse to Bldg. 3308 will be closed for Asphalt placement Mar. 17-19.

March 14: Access to Vesta St. will be from Pine St. only (no traffic via Spruce St). Spruce Str. is closed between the Shoppette and Vesta St. with no car wash and no parking on Spruce Str.

March 15: Access to Vesta Str. via Spruce Str. is open only until 3 p.m. and then will be open via Pine St.

The Shoppette will be closed to vehicle traffic and for fueling from 3 p.m. March 15 to 9 a.m. March 17.

There will be no pick-up at the Child Development/School Age Center from Spruce St. Reserved pick-up parking will be located behind Bldg. 3344, enter from Hotel parking lot.

The Kelley Hotel Bus Stop will be moved from Spruce St. to Ash St, near the Kelley Fitness Center, between Bldg. 3352 and 3362.

New two-way traffic pattern from Oak Strasse through the parking lot beside 3322 to Ash St.

  • No parking on the entire length of Spruce St.
  • No car wash.
  • Access to Shoppette only until 3 p.m.

March 16: Spruce Str. remains closed. The Shoppette remains closed for vehicle traffic and fueling. The Duty Bus Stop continues to operate from Ash St. and CDC/SAC drop-off and pick-ups continue from behind Bldg. 3344.

March 17: Access to Spruce Str. opens at 9 a.m. The detour from Oak St. to Ash St will discontinue. Shoppette, parking along Spruce, Kelley Hotel Bus Stop, and CDC/SAC access resumes normal operation.

Parking and access will be closed until end of day March 19 behind buildings: 3302, 3304, 3305, 3306, 3307, and 3308.

March 20: Ash Str. will close from Spruce St. to Bldg. 3352 (the roadway in front of the fitness center). Ash St will reopen March 21.

Traffic plans are approved by the garrison Directorate of Emergency Services, Traffic Management and Collision Investigations and the Africa Command Security Office. The DPW contact for this phase is DSN 421-6231

Update Dec. 28

  • Work on the sewer project will be stopped from Dec. 23 to Jan. 13. The contractor will start work again on Jan. 15, depending on the weather.
  • A new phase of construction begins Jan. 15 – 26: Residents of Vesta Strasse will have access from Pine Street or Spruce Street.
  • The Kelley Car Wash will be inaccessible from Jan. 8-22 and from Jan. 29- Feb. 9 the Kelley Wash is closed.

Update Dec. 22: From Dec. 20-Dec. 22, the road in front of Bldg. 3326 (fitness center) will be asphalted and opened.

Update Nov. 27: 

Nov. 27 through Dec. 1 on Kelley Barracks.

  • Maple Strasse from Spruce Strasse to Balsam Strasse will be closed for asphalt placement starting Nov. 28.  This is behind Buildings 3304 – 3310.To prepare, the Kelley Fuel Station (gas pumps) will close from Nov. 27 through Dec. 1.   Gas will not be available.  The shoppette will remain open.
  • NEW: Parking will be blocked along the side of Building 3315, across from 3403-3406, Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 starting at 6 p.m. until 8 a.m., Dec. 1  The roads Pine and Maple in this area will remain open for two-way traffic.
  • There will also be various road detours and closures at the end of November.  Monitor the traffic signage as you enter and drive on the Kelley roads.

Update Oct. 10:

Beginning Oct. 16:

  • Work will start at  Bldg. 3326 (Gym) and Bldg. 3352 (Child Development Center).
  • Buses and delivery trucks will follow an updated detour route.
  • Ash Str. and Birch Str. around Bldg. 3326 are blocked during the construction.
  • Some parking will be blocked at Bldg. 3326 and 3352.

Beginning Oct. 18:

  • Work will start at Bldg. 3300, 3304 and at the former Kelley main gate.
  • The pedestrian exit turnstile will be blocked for the duration of the work.
  • Some parking spaces will be blocked during the construction at Bldg. 3302, 3304 and 3300.

Update Aug. 30: A new phase of construction begins Sept. 6 on Kelley Barracks.

  • Spruce Street will close between the Gas Station and wash bays. The Gas Station continues to only be accessible one-way for traffic.
  • School Age Services Bldg. 3369 parking spaces will be blocked. Temporary reserved parking for the parents will be located in front of the wash bay area.
  • Child Development Center Bldg. # 3368 is not affected.
  • Spruce Street dead ends but will be two-way traffic up to the work area.
    • Access to Vesta Strasse through Pine Street. Pine Street will stay open to two-way traffic and with the parking spaces blocked.

July 24: The start and end dates for this phase have been moved by one week to begin July 31 and end Sept. 8.

  • Spruce Street near the Gas Station will close. The Gas station is only to be used for fuel available in one-way traffic.
  • Child Development Center, Building 3368 “Drop Off” will be blocked with temporary reserved parking blocked for parents.
  • Spruce Street (between Bldg. 3369 and 3433) will be two-way traffic up to the work area.
  • Pine Street will be two-way traffic and the parking spaces will be blocked